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    Heiken Ashi Paintbar - should set up as main graph

Anyone using information or codes on these pages does so at their own risk - no guarantees of stability or profitability are claimed. These codes are all for testing purposes only.

{Heikin Ashi PaintBarStudy (not an indicator)
Heikin-Ashi technique for visualization of trend -
Correctly paints bars with no candlesticks if you hide regular bar style as follows:
Format Symbol, style tab, select Dot on Close, color to white or black }

inputs: UpColor(white),DnColor(black);
vars: haClose(0),haOpen(0),haHigh(0),haLow(0), color(0);

if BarNumber = 1 then begin
haOpen = open;
haClose = (O+H+L+C)/4;
haHigh = MaxList( high, haOpen, haClose);
haLow = MinList( low, haOpen,haClose);

if BarNumber > 1 then begin
haClose = (O+H+L+C)/4; ////average bar price
haOpen = (haOpen [1] + haClose [1])/2 ; ////avg open/close 1 bar ago
haHigh = MaxList(High, haOpen, haClose) ; ////highest of high,open,close
haLow = MinList(Low, haOpen, haClose) ; //// lowest of low, open, close

if haClose > haOpen then color = UpColor
else color = DnColor;